Nick Davis to bring the Banter back to Brisbane

After a short summer break, avoiding direct contact with sunlight, Switch’s Nick Davis returns for 2017 with a brand new, revamped programme, BrisBanter.

After a successful year with his 2016 talk show, Nick at Night, the twenty-four year old is ready to go for a big year (hopefully) bringing a ripper line-up of guests, interviews, sketches and his own natural comic stylings.

Bris-banter is so much more than just a horrible pun” he admits. “It’s a great one.

Nick at Night was great fun and I’ll always look back on it with pride… except for the title, I only feel shame. It was self-indulgent and displayed fourth grade level of alliteration

Nick at Night brought us some great laughs, none more than Pirate Radio, when he took a tinny onto the Brown Snake (Brisbane River) to protest the closing of the station’s old West End studio.

I guess I just wanted to demonstrate what can be done with a platform such like community radio

Originally from Northern NSW, Davis moved to the river city for university six years ago and became rather fond of the place.

This town’s got so much to offer and I’m pumped to celebrate it.  The people are this weird, eclectic mix of city and country and they spin some of the finest yarns you’ve ever heard. I just want to facilitate that.

BrisBanter will air Tuesday, 17th Jan at 7pm