About Us

Switch is Brisbane’s youth community radio station.

Switch was the brain child of a few friends who loved all things radio and didn’t mind the odd rave or two.


BIRGI (pronounced berrgie)


Drum roll and enter the Brisbane Interactive Radio Group Incorporated or BIRGI for short.  This not for profit group they created in 1999 is the group they hoped would be ultimately victorious in securing a FM frequency up against 3 other community groups with similar ideas.


BIRGI aka Brisbane Interactive Radio Group Inc

But alas, after sharing airtime four ways  during 6 test transmissions, that licence was ultimately given to one of the other groups with more political sway and so Switch FM turned into Switch AM on 1197.


A few more test broadcasts – this time on the new band and frequency – occurred in late 2002 and at 8am on the 7th of April 2003, Brisbane had a new radio station – i1197.  Through public pressure the station was renamed back to Switch in January 2005 and this is how it has remained ever since.

Switch has the aim of providing Brisbane youth a voice with a bed of music and on air content consisting of a specially crafted mix of music that includes Dance, Urban, RnB, Top 40/Pop Remixes and well stuff you couldn’t already hear on the airwaves around the Queensland capital.


Did I mention one in four songs are Australian?


Information about stuff you care about is presented by our volunteer presenters to keep you on top of all the local, national and world events that matter while providing said presenters training and experience that not only looks good on resumes but might teach them a thing or two all while keeping youth entertained.



We rely on our awesome Sponsors to keep us going so please support these guys whom support us.  A full list of them are found here.



Membership – just $30 per year – which all helps keep the station running…



Becoming a member (thereby covering you with public liability should anything ever happen while your here) enables you to sign up for training courses as offered when demand is there… The second step to becoming the host of your own show (first being membership).


Perfect if you are any of the following


– thinking of a career in the media (get hands on experience with industry standard equipment – perfect for the experience section of your CV!)


– want to host your own show (did you know Hamish & Andy started in community radio?)


– you’re a dj, producer or just love sharing new music esp dance, club, upbeat pop remixes, urban and/or rnb


– you’re a natural-born story-teller


– aged between 12 & 25 and living in Brisbane



– just need something to do to keep busy



If you are just serious about keeping our transmitter powered up and broadcasting but you don’t own a business and already are a member, you can get philanthropic by donating – on our Facebook page click on the donate tab or click here.


If you want to know more, have a look around the site or if your lazy and/or keen as mustard – contact us (see all our deets in the sidebar on the right)